Discover our ranges of Jean Burel le marin de Concarneau and Algo d'Aure organic mackerel fillets.

The cans JB OCEANE are prepared from Mackerel filletsThe mackerel are caught in South Brittany. They are prepared at the canning factory in Concarneau: the mackerel are cooked, then trimmed to get rid of the bones. The mackerel fillets are delicately arranged by hand in the jars, then covered with extra virgin olive oil, for the pleasure of your taste buds.

Mackerel is a highly sought-after fish for its very fine flesh, its streaky colour and its nutritional richness. In fact, the levels of DHA (very beneficial for memory and vision) and EPA (cardiovascular health, anti-inflammatory) provided by mackerel are among the highest of ALL foods, and what's more, they are perfectly assimilable. Enjoy your meal.

Jean Burel 

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