The delicatessen of the sea in Concarneau !


Visit the cannery

Located in Concarneau, the Jean Burel Océane cannery welcomes you and invites you to discover its little manufacturing secrets. Talk to the cannery team and learn many anecdotes about the history of the fishing port of Concarneau, and the products used in the recipes!

sardine fishing

The quality of our products

The products used in the recipes are carefully selected by Jean Burel and come from Breton fishing.

Recipes unique

The recipes of the Jean Burel Océane cannery are exclusive preparations, created especially for its customers!

The organic range Algo d'Aure

A selection of recipes using organically grown products combined with quality fish and shellfish.

Discover our artisanal recipes

The Jean Burel Océane cannery only produces recipes that are prepared in an artisanal manner. From the preparation of the recipe to the packaging, its range is entirely handmade and the ingredients used in each of the recipes are carefully selected to guarantee you a taste experience of exceptional quality. Taste the good taste of Brittany from the Jean Burel Océane cannery!

A fish cannery Breton in Concarneau

The Jean Burel range will introduce you to the famous, inimitable Concarneau sardines, a wide variety of canned fish (mackerel, monkfish liver, crab, white tuna, etc.) as well as traditional terrines of the sea and fish rillettes concocted by Jean Burel.

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The Jean Burel cannery offers you a preferential rate for its entire range and the Algo d'Aure organic range, starting at...

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