Happy Holidays 2023

The Jean Burel cannery, the sailor from Concarneau wishes you a very happy holiday season.

For this occasion, we are offering you a selection of home-made products for the holidays in shop!

Here are a few suggestions to liven up your festive meals, whether you opt for originality or for essential dishes. Here are some suggestions to treat yourself during the holidays:


Original seafood products for the holidays.smoked salmon with seaweed

Would you like to surprise your guests or bring the original dish to enjoy?

We offer smoked salmon with seaweed exclusively for the holidays:

*To be picked up only in shop to guarantee freshness.


Discover Algo d'Aure's organic mussel tapas with escabeche sauce

Mussel tapas with organic escabeche sauce algo d'aure concarneau seafood

For the festive season, we treat ourselves with the Tapas! L'escabeche is a typically Mediterranean sauce of Spanish origin, made with garlic and vinegar. It is often served with grilled or fried fish. Here we have prepared it for tapas with mussels for a aperitif with Spanish colourss ! The organic products mix and match to bring out all the flavours of the party or aperitif.. It's a product that creates a sensation, an exceptional product that creates a sensation!

To be found in our shop or on our online shop, here.



Classic and essential seafood products for your festive meals.

Jean Burel's scallopsBreton-style scallops

You haven't tried our delicious scallops yet?

Don't hesitate, it's a dish you can't resist.

Easy to prepare for your festive meal, you just have to heat them up for 20 minutes at 180°C in the oven. You can add a touch of deliciousness by putting a knob of butter to brown the breadcrumbs.

The scallops are tasty, hearty, and you will find the good taste of homemade scallops with our traditional recipe.

*To be picked up only in shop to guarantee freshness.


For your festive aperitif Choose the spreadable classics and enjoy fish rillettes, mackerel, sardines and tuna with seaweed. For those with a discerning palate, try lobster rillettes, mackerel with samphire and scallops with curry. The choice is here, in our online shop. 

Rillettes jb oceane jean burel marin de Concarneau

Organic seaweed rillettes algo daure jb oceane


You will find our entire range of products in shop, come and ask us for advice, we will be happy to help you choose your seafood products to enhance your holiday meals!


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