Secure payment

All payments made on the website are secure and pass directly through the SystemPay terminal.

What is a secure payment?

A secure payment means that transactions carried out on the Internet are protected against unauthorised interception and against fraudulent modification of the original data.

Your banking information (card number, validity, cryptogram) is encrypted before being sent to the payment server. They cannot be intercepted or used by a third party: the security and confidentiality of the data is guaranteed.

Which cards are accepted?

The following credit cards are accepted: Carte Bleue, Visa or MasterCard.

What are the steps of the secure payment?

1. You place an order on our website and validate your order.
2. After validation of your order you are taken to the secure payment page of our banking solution. The latter asks you to fill in a form to validate your transaction (credit card number, card validity, cryptogram).
3. The secure bank terminal queries your bank to validate the data you have transmitted (existence and validity of the card, solvency of the cardholder) to obtain payment authorisation.
4. Your bank transmits the authorisation or refusal of the payment and informs you.
You can also pay directly by cheque when you pick up your order in click and collect.

Secure data management:

La Conserverie Jean Burel has no knowledge of your banking data. They are only transmitted to the secure server of SystemPay. The payment server uses SIPS (Secure Internet Processing Services) technology and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to guarantee the confidentiality of data and transactions.

Are there other secure payment methods?

You can pay securely by bank transfer.The bank details will be sent to you after validation of your order.Your order will be sent upon receipt of your bank transfer.You can choose between these different means of payment after validation of your order.