Discover our range of Bio Algo d'Aure.

The brand Algo d'Aure BIO de La conserverie Jean Burel Océane offers top-of-the-range products that you will find in our delicatessen and in our shop.

Algo D'Aure reference of canned sardines and other fisha range of spreads of the sea finely cooked by our chef. Find a selection of shellfish and crustaceans prepared to preserve the best taste qualities of each product. Recipes from fish soups and lobster bisque are presented as well as a selection of tapas and seaweed and condiments. All suppliers of organic ingredients have been selected for their regional location.

For the pleasure of your taste buds ALGO D'AUREWe are always looking for new recipes to share with you. Enjoy, we wish to make you benefit from the better quality on seafood products.

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