Potted mackerel au naturel

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Artisanal mackerel rillettes au naturel in a 1/6 tin. Recipe made with fresh cream, sunflower oil, herbs and spices. Delicious as an aperitif.

Serving suggestion: Serve chilled as an hors d'oeuvre on toast.

Reduced price in packs of 6!

Composition Mackerel fillets (scomber scombrus) 60%, cream, sunflower oil, mustard, stock, potato starch, Guérande salt, guar flour, pepper.

Container Metal box 1/6.

Net weight : 130 g.

24,61€ / Kg per unit

23,08€ / Kg in a batch of 6

Average nutritional values per 100g

  • energy value 1082 Kj 
  • Caloric value 259 Kcal
  • Fat 21g
  • of which saturated 10g
  • Carbohydrates 6g
  • of which sugars 1g
  • Protein 10g
  • Salt 0,93g

Product number : 3 391690002052


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